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If you're looking to get us into your gym, this is the place to do it! If you're a weightlifting club or crossfit box who needs help with your weightlifting, we can help. If you're a jiu-jitsu gym and you want to edcuate your athletes on strength and strength conditioning we can do it. If you're looking to upskill your staff and coaches, we can help. Hit the enqure button below to get in touch.

Sika Coaching

Our 1-2-1 coaching is the flagship of our athletic development program. You will work with either Eoin or Daire on a personal basis, with all contact happening via Whatsapp. Your program will be custom written for you, and it will be updated weekly, as your training is monitored via your session feedback on whatsapp. We will provide technical feedback on your movements from your videos and help with all aspects of training and competition pre. Coaching costs 200 euro per month, we don't ask for a deposit and you are not obliged to stay for a minimum term.

We make you strong

Just a couple of reasons to choose Sika Strength as your partner in Strength.

  • Qualified and Experienced Strength and Conditioning Coaches
  • Extensive knowledge base in the Physiological and Psychological Apsects of Training
  • Huge range of Sports and Goals catered to
  • 28 combined years of strength training experience
  • Assisting 1000s of athletes of all levels
  • Competitive no-nonsense approach to Training


Some of the best programming in the game. I’ve ran a ton of the programs and have always seen huge returns. The support is also great, very quick responses if you ever need help and the Facebook group feedback is invaluable. Sika Strength programs will make you stronger, faster, more athletic, and a better athlete overall.

Ben Mashburn

Sika Strength Customer


How do I get my program?

Once you have purchased your program and entered your information you will be emailed your program in PDF form. You will recieve this email within 12 hours of your purchase.

Is there coaching included?

Anyone running one of our programs can join our Facebook coaching group. This group allows you to submit videos and questions for feedback twice a week, all of these are answered in video form by Eoin and Daire.

What do I do once I have finished my program?

Once you finish off tour block of training, you can email us with your new PB's and we will send you out an updated program for free. If you are running one of our continuous block programs, you should move onto the next block in the series.

Are the programs customised to my needs?

Each program will be tailored to your particular PB numbers, to ensure you are hitting appropriate weights at the correct point in the program.

Are the programs suitable for all levels of Athlete?

All athletes will be able to effectively run our programs, although, for beginners we would recommend running the beginner training block prior to proceeding.

What style of programming do these programs follow?

All of our programs follow a linear progression model, and overall we tend to recommend block periodisation for most of our long term programs.