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Sika Strength is an online performance and coaching resource. We have a community of strength athletes who are guided by experienced and knowledgeable coaches. We strive to provide the best in all forms of strength training programs, with a no Bullshit approach to progression, exercise selection and adaptation.

What We Offer?

Comprehensive and intelligently designed training blocks proven to work with a broad range of Athletes. These programs are complimented by community based support and technical assistance from our coaches.

How much does it cost?

Each of our monthly group programs are just 30 euro.

Our Programs

We offer both monthly programs which are updated for you every month and we also offer once off programs for specific training cycles or goals. Click on a panel below to explore our different programs

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Happy Members

See what our members have to say, and get in touch today to improve your training

I’m confident that I’ll keep breaking PR’s

Like a lot of weightlifters, I struggled to identify and rank the most important flaws in my technique and was frustrated with my lack of progress and the same recurring issues. Since joining Sika Strength I’ve laid a much stronger foundation for my lifting and I’m confident that I’ll keep breaking PR’s. The video analysis, programming and coaching has been extremely professional with prompt feedback. I would definitely recommend Sika Strength.

Ashraf, 24
Sika Strength Member

Making the world of difference

I met Daire in Bandon S&C 2 years ago, I had been lifting for 6 months and had no idea how little I really knew about weightlifting. Daire has a great eye for small incremental changes that ended up making the world of difference to my weightlifting technique. I’ve seen him coaching beginners up to national level lifters and is able to break the lifts down to a very basic level but also make incremental changes to advanced lifters.

I’ve always thought I could do my own programming and that I didn’t need a coach, but Sika Strength are one of the few Teams that have earned my trust in this regard and I’m no longer chronically over training. Intensities can still be high (which I am a big fan of) but I find myself improving almost every session.

Even at a distance, Sika Strength make an effort to stay in touch and when real life gets in the way for me he makes adjustments to the plan. They has also been very patient with my powerlifting affair and has helped me bring on my weightlifting as much as possible whilst I was also training powerlifting at the same time.

Freya, 24
Sika Strength Member

I’m really enjoying training again!

Since starting with Sika Strength I’ve broken through tough plateaus that had me frustrated, and on the verge of quitting. I’ve gotten stronger, way more technically proficient and most importantly, I’m really enjoying training again!

Dave, 32
Sika Strength Member

I’m driven by my goals and Sika fuels me

I first discovered weightlifting at sixteen years of age, when I met Daire Fitzgerald. I quickly became obsessed with the sport and wanted to do more than just the barbell work at the beginning of strength and conditioning classes. At that point I was given my first Sika Strength program. I competed a few weeks later in my first competition. I snatched 38 kilos and clean and jerked 56.

From there I went from strength to strength. Only eight months after, I qualified for the Irish Weightlifting National Championships. There I won gold, putting up a 145 kilo total. Fast forward to a more recent competition where I won best female lifter, achieving a sinclair of 193.4307. I was also invited to attend a Youth Weightlifting Camp in Latvia in the summer of 2018.

Then regarding international competition, I recently represented Ireland in the Celtic Nations against Scotland and Wales. I believe my success so far is a result of consistent training, effective programming and quality coaching.

Sika Strength provides in depth analysis in response to my training videos and any questions I have are thoroughly answered. I am therefore focused and confident during my training sessions. The knowledge I gain from my coach is invaluable in terms of my progression, but also feeds my love of training. The chase is what gets me into the gym every day and pushes me through difficult, heavy sessions. A feeling in the lift, a prettier set or simply a hunger for bigger numbers. I’m driven by my goals and Sika fuels me.

My program provides grounding and the mentoring I receive allows me to succeed my ambitions. It has built the athlete I am today and will continue to develop the athlete I will become.

Sarah O'Driscoll
Sika Strength Member

Sika Strength is the way to go!

I had been left frustrated and angry with Olympic lifting before I began training with Sika Strength. He has improved me significantly within a year adding 10 kg to my snatch and 16kg to my clean and jerk.
He is not only very professional and knowledgeable but incredibly enthusiastic and assures his athletes with self belief.

It’s simple if your looking for a quality coach Sika Strength is the way to go!

Myles, 31
Sika Strength Member