Fix Your Snatch




Choose from our 3 programs to help you fix your Snatch:
New Pb in 8 Weeks 
The Snatch is one of the most technically challenging lifts you can perform with a barbell, and sometimes it needs some special attention. This program provides you with 2 days per week of highly specialized programming which will get you to improve your Speed, Technique, Strength, and Stability over the course of 8 weeks.
Weak Overhead Position
Do you struggle to catch Snatches in the bottom of your Squat? Do you find it easier to Power Snatch instead of Full Snatch?
The Snatch is one of the most challenging lifts in terms of Flexibility and Mobility, in this 8-week, twice weekly program we focus heavily on the necessary work to increase the mobility and stability needed to catch a barbell overhead in the bottom of the Snatch.
Swinging the Bar
Do you bang the barbell with your hips? Do you fail reps in front?
A good Bar-Path is essential for Good, Efficient, and Powerful Snatches, for many athletes the alteration of the bar-path and keeping the barbell close is very challenging. This program provides two intense training sessions per week over an 8-week block.

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Snatch a New PB, Swinging the Bar, Weak Overhead